Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Muscle Mass and Vegetarianism....

Was in Penang the weekend for a meeting at DynaPharm. Explained the muscle mass building techniques suitable for vegetarians and those on restricted diet.

The best part? I had collected one whole box full of toys for my niece and had the chance to meet up with her. Good stuff!

Flying off to Kuantan today.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bahan-bahan Baru Untuk STR8A...

Untuk yang masih belum tahu lagi, anda sudah boleh mendaftar untuk Str8A, jika anda adalah ahli Sam Millenium Networld. Pastikan anda menghubungi Ari pejabat utama untuk keterangan lanjut mengenai keahlian.

Keahlian umum akan dibuka tidak lama lagi.

More about Shambo...

Reading the many blogs that arose during the Shambo affair, you get a sense that the west is absolutely bonkers. I cannot fathom the very deep, deep desire to kill this creature, triviliasing its death and the scorn poured on the people at the Skanda Vale temple.

All through the ordeal, and I was viewing it live, even if I was not in the UK, I sensed that it would not end as I would've liked it. How could I write it down? Is there anything that I can write to explain how and what I feel? Fortunately, there are people on this planet who can articulate the feeling that I had better than I ever could!

"They kept their vows and celebrated the sanctity and divine nature of all life without violent resistance even when confronted with an act of desecration." - Paul Flynn

I thought this phrase really did sum up my feeling on the matter. I can't beat that.

UPDATE:Wenda at Paul Flynn's blog has reported that "...for an independant post mortem to be carried out alongside the WAG post mortem. The Skanda Vale lawyers have advised ... that this has been declined by the Welsh assembly although they have said that the vet can observe...."

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Please Save Shambo!

I am following the story of Shambo, the bull kept by the Skanda Vale Hindu community, Wales, UK.

As a vegetarian myself (and a Hindu), the death of any life is abhorrent to me, but this case is the worst. If anything the bull is NOT a health hazard. The disease is curable, and the people taking care of the animal are willing to treat it.

I think its just the killing culture of the west. Sadly most wouldn't have even seen the way they kill these animals. What do you expect from people who kill Iraqi children for breakfast?

I am following the story here.

UPDATE: The temple website has confirmed that the bull has been removed to be slaughtered. Well, I certainly didn't expect a miracle, but I prayed. Karma may not be as kind as me though.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Str8A has its own home...

Str8A is now located at http://str8a.com.my. Str8A (for those who are not familiar, is the innovative Malaysian education site) will now be hosted here and all material can be found here as well. However, if you need to demo, please go to http://myedu.my-tm.biz and use the login there.