Thursday, November 29, 2007

MIC to set up hotlines: Is this a joke?

Like the "Aduan LPKP" kind of hotline? Jika Kenderaan Ini Dipandu Secara Merbahaya, Sila Buat Aduan Di....
(refer to The Star story here)

I suppose the mandors now realise they have to listen to their coolies. Sometimes. For so long these idiots have been living in cloud cuckoo land (with apologies to Aristophanes), with their Mercs and gangsta life (with gangsta bodyguards to boot!), and all the bling bling, suddenly they grace us with their divine presence? Has Vishnu taken on a new Avatar? Don't think so.

Pinjam RM1000, Dapat RM1000!
Perhaps the most ingenious method of Ah Long advertisement (that I've come across) is that of using a reproduction of a half of RM50 (albeit with the text "SPECIMEN" written in the smallest of letters) on one side and the Ah Long ad on the other. These are then deliberately strewn on the "kaki lima". What would a hot blooded, All-Malaysian, brota or sista to do?

This "Hotline" is almost that, in my opinion. Its devoid of innovation, thats for sure, but it sure will attract a lot of attention! Nombor Aduan LPKP, who hasn't seen that? The blind, of course! Has anyone used it? Has it made any difference to:
  1. the way Malaysians drive?
  2. the number of accidents?
  3. the horrendous nature of road deaths?
  4. the length of traffic jams just to gawk at the people trying to change their tyres?
  5. the amount of money (adjusted for inflation and taxes) you have to fork out to the "officer"?
  6. the way the Bas Ekpress driver takes the hairpin turn near Bukit Berapit (that would have Fernando Alonso go "Wow!")?
"Asked if all these measures were due to the Hindraf protest last Sunday, he said MIC had always submitted a report to the Prime Minister every six months." Sure, sure. I'd be impressed if they update their website every six months! (Don't fool me now, I have the screen capture of the MIC website with me, which I took about six seconds ago!)

Perhaps MIC should place the hotline numbers at the rear of their Mercs "Nombor Aduan MIC". Don't forget to put "Specimen" mark on it though!


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