Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Creating a Bittorrent File for Sharing on a Peer to Peer Network...

First off, make sure your file (s) is clean! Don't upload thrash, virus, adware or malware! People will hate you, forever!

Next, if you have a video you want to share, the best way is to set up a torrent file and upload the torrent file (NOT the video file!) to a tracker. Without going in too much detail, torrent works by sharing the video directly from your hard disk to the folks who wants it.

These are the steps:

1. Download a bittorrent agent. My favorite is μtorrent. Its easy and its safe. It does not have any viruses, adware or malware.

Double click on the μtorrent icon and you'll see this:

Cool hah?

2. Now, click on "File" and "Create New Torrent"

3. Then you will get this screen:

This is where you specify the file to be shared, and μtorrent will create the torrent file. The first thing you do is to specify the file to share - click "Add file" or if you have copied an entire VCD or DVD to your hard drive, click "Add directory". Next: Add the tracker ("A BitTorrent tracker is a server which assists in the communication between peers using the BitTorrent protocol..."). You can use any of these trackers:
  • udp://
Just copy the whole address of the tracker such as and place it into the tracker

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