Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blood Donation with the boss...

Since yesterday was a public holiday, the blood bank was closed. So today I thought I might get the big-boss-man to go with me to the donation center. He was gracious enough and off we went to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang!

The cutie pie made a HOLE(!) in my finger and sucked out the blood!!

Sorry, that was not the way it was done. This is how it went:

The technician (a definite cutie) pricked my fingers and pipetted out a small amount of blood. She did the ABO test and also the colorimetric hemoglobin test using a hemoglobin photometer.

Next, a short interview. "Did you recently have sex with a prostitute?" "No ma'am, I've been celibate for the past 7 years!" Then she took my weight (80 kg.) and my BP (120/80).
Next, I lay on the cushioned seat while the orderly prepares the tubes, cannula and collection bag. She was sweet enough to take some pictures of us. She even prepared our drinks and food when we had done donating.

Next, the Staff Nurse, Puan Sharifah, wrapped a torniquet around my upper arm, which helps to speed up the process. before giving me a Lidocaine injection, which is an anaesthetic, on my inner elbow.
This is then followed by the cannula, a large needle which will draw out the blood from my median cubital vein.

It took just under two minutes for the 450 cc collection bag to be filled. The final portion of the process is to collect blood samples for screening. Typically the blood is screened for Hepatitis B and C, HIV, Syphilis, etc.

We rested for a few minutes before we were given complimentary drinks and food.

The entire process was pleasant because of the professionalism of the staff, without a doubt.

I do it as a "dharma", a duty. The amount of blood given is easily replaced by the body, but to the patient in need, it may be the life saver.

For the donor, there are so many advantages. Indeed the whole donation process burns about 650 calories! Try that for trimming your body a little bit.

Studies have also shown that donating blood reduces the risk of heart disease, in men especially. It stimulates the production of red blood cells