Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good beat, I like...

Its really reminiscent of the Thaipusam dance beat. What DarkKey has done is to infuse it with that almighty musical instrument - the electric guitar. Good stuff! I bet Richard Dorrall would give me a two hour tongue lashing if he hears this!

Some of the lyrics (truly Malaysian, I tell you):

"...dei maccha, nee sollu dari mana? vadda, vadda, vadda, vadda, vadda maccha, bijak..."
"...tarak pa, tarak pa, mugatulle rettum vadikitu, tarak pa...kerana, kerana, sandapottu, [can't make it out] merana..."

And of course the title of the song - Karatana. A "karat" person (karat = rust).

Rock On Guys!

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